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Refund of Plagiocephaly therapy by osteopath.


My son's head is flattened on 1 side, causing it to look asymmetrical - Plagiocephaly. A doctor from PMI gave prescription for therapy with the osteopath.

I would like to know what rate sessions with osteopath it would be refunded. For her tariff payment are outside convention.

Also, my son is 4 month old he doesn't have medecin traitant. And the prescription is from PMI doctor and "not" from my medecin traitant as he is linked to my SSN.

So should my medecin traitant give prescription for him. Should it be 30 % or &70 %?

Please respond …


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Hello RoopamR,

Osteopathy is not reiumbursed by l'Assurance Maladie, except for some cares made by a physiotherapist.

Registering a "médecin traitant" (general practioner) is mandatory for everyone above 16 years old. It is possible for children below 16, but not obligatory.

For children below 16, the reimbursements are not reduced without a registered "médecin traitant" or if the "parcours de soins coordonnées" (coordinated healthcare circuit) is not respected.

For further information, you can have a look at this ameli.fr webpage: "Le médecin traitant et le parcours de soins coordonnés".

Have a nice day

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