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Help i am classed as disabled in UK how is it transferred to France

I receive no income from French sociale as all my disability payments are from exported from the UK who pay for my daily living personal care and to cover that i cannot work. My partner also is not a fiscal resident of France receiving a UK salary the 1st tax return will not be until 2021 as we only arrived here in April. My question is how am i recognised in France as disabled, if i am not requesting financial help just the inclusion card. As an example my car i need to register is classed as disabled on its v5 for road tax meaning there is no tX to pay but here i need a card of disability to not pay the malus tsx. How can i get that if im not taking or putting into the french social system. My health is covered on a disability S1 i have my permanent securite social also. Do i register with a doctor and get them to fill in the form for MDPH based on my UK extensive health records? Has anyone else been in this position.


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Bonjour CHIHMUM,

On this forum, we can only answer questions about the French health insurance fund (CPAM).

In order to have an answer, I advise you to contact la maison départementale des personnes handicapées (MDPH).

Have a nice day.