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How to receive Covid19 test results if you are not a French resident?

Hi, I live in the UK and have just returned from a 3 week sholiday in Cap d'Adge. My wife and I had a test for Covid19 at the mobile test centre on 24 August but have not received results. We do not have a French mobile number which seems to be the problem. I received an e-mail telling me to phone 09 74 75 76 78 urgently, but I have phoned many times and nobody answers. The automated reply asks me to enter an extrension number but I do not know the relevant extension number. It is not possible to speak to a person. We need our results urgently as we both have mild symptoms. Also you possibly have an incorrect e-mail address for my wife as she has received no e-mail from you. We just need our results by e-mail or by text to our UK mobile phone numbers. Can you help?


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