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How do I get reimbursed with no French social security number?


I am a European student and I came to France to do my Master's thesis. Recently I began my internship de fin d'etudes. I got sick and I went to a doctor where I received a document called 'avis d'arret de travail' as well as 'feuille de soins'. If I understand everything correctly, the first one is for 'indemnites journalieres' and the latter for reimbursement for the visit at the doctor's office.

Here's my situation. I am a European student with EHIC (European Heath Insurance Card) which I got in my home country by presenting a document showing that I'm enrolled at French school. I was told that this is enough to get reimbursed for 70% for majority of services. I tried to create an Ameli account where I could get a social security number to make things easier but there, also, I was told that my EHIC is enough and I don't have to do anything else. In the end. I have only EHIC, no French social security number and no Vitale card.

Here comes the current situation, where I have the documents from my doctor that I should send to CPAM to get the reimbursement. However, it is necessary to fill it in with a social security number and code d'organisme de rattachement (which you get while creating an account in social security in France).

How can I ensure that I get reimbursed? Should I send these documents filled and leave empty boxes with social security number? Should I include information of EHIC? Should I do something else? Thank you in advance.


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