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Need apology

I am a foreigner who moved to France recently. I had some questions regarding the procedure of registration in the social security system so I made a phone call to the English line from Ameli today around 11.40am. The girl who answered the phone was constantly being mad as soon as she picked up the phone. The more questions I asked the less patient she became. The phone call lasted less than 3 minutes and she can never find the website where the website for employers holding talent passport to register for the social security is. I tried to calm her down and she did not give me any second to talk. Eventually she cursed badly to me and hang up the phone without giving me any chance to talk.
This 3-minute call was totally not what I expected from a public worker. Her curse and rude attitude ruined my whole day. I do not expect all the public workers can be nice and friendly, but at least they are supposed to know how to respect people. I would like to receive her apology for her rude behaviour to me (maybe other clients as well).
With regards,


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Hello YY,

If you want to submit a claim, I advise you to follow the instructions in the following link: Comment faire une réclamation ?