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Can't create my Ameli account

I already got my attestation de droit definitive altogether with my permanent numero de l'assure. But when I tried to create an account it was shown "Un des champs est incorrect. Merci de vérifier votre saisie." I already checked that my name, postal code, birthdate, and the number were all correct, but still it doesn't work.

Please help me fix this.

Thank you for your help


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Hello dazt,

When the social security number starts by 7 or 8, it means that it's a temporary one. You only can open an ameli account (the account you tried to log in from the main website ameli.fr) with a permanent social security number (starting by 1 or 2).

If you have a permanent social security number and cannot apply through ameli like this : "la création immédiate du compte ameli", you can also apply through the FranceConnect application with others user's credentials, like tax office for example.

Unfortunately, because of some safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

If you can't create the account, I advise you to contact the CPAM’s English speaking line. To do so, dial 09 74 75 36 46.

Have a nice day.