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Uk national applying for Social Security number after employment

Originally from UK I moved to France in January. Prior to COVID-19 I completed a short term contract for a company but did not receive a social security number from them. I am now applying using the relevant form and documents but due to COVID I no longer have any valid work contracts currently running. Am I able to apply for a social security number with this old contract dated February, or should I tick the 'without activity' box?
Also can you confirm if I must get my UK English birth certificate translated professionally before applying?


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Hello Kirsty,

You will find all you need to do in this topic : New to France - Healthcare?

Don't hesitate to provide a copy of your working contract that you had in France, even if you are not working anymore.

If you have an English version of your birth certificate, there is no need to translate it.

Have a lovely day.