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why do I have not got my social security number after application in January?

I am a non-European work in France and had applied for social security for both me and my wife together in January, So my wife has got her temporary number in late March, but after 3 months still am waiting for my number to come . I tried repeatedly to call in English Helpline number but no one picked up. Can you suggest how can I track my application in the process and any lead or contact person/place regarding this application?


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Dear KIM,

Processing time can be longer than usual due to the situation. It's not possible to track the process online. Anyway your cover will start from the first day you started to work.

Due to the current situation, the English speaking line is not available. If your situation is really urgent, I advise you to contact the French line (by dialing 36 46) with the help of a friend.

Have a nice day.