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Waiting for the security sociale number

So i had reply saying i have to wait for the sociale security number i am not trying come across rude in any sense but but due to cronovirus my manager said security sociale will be paying my salary because i come under them and he also declared me to them.
So basically i am running low on money because i dont have my salary coming in because i dont have security sociale number which has been 4 months now i have 4 year old daughter and i am also 4 months pregnant so when i have no money for food and other beneficials who will take reponsibility? I have been paying for my hospital trips for my pregnancy i do not understand why they taking so long even after they have everything they asked for its causing me alot of grief and stress at this stage.


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Due to the current situation, the English speaking line is not available. If your situation is really urgent, I advise you to contact the French line (by dialing 36 46) with the help of a friend.

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