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Mon rente at

I live in Australia, I recieve a rente at , but every year for the past 10years I do not receive my payment for the month of November, because your bank keeps asking me for a rib because they say they do not have one ,this can not be true.I have the same bank account for the past 20 years .how can they claim this when they have paid me every other month ? So every November I have to send you a new rib and it's always the same .how can this be? In france when you give a rib to pay a bill it is good forever ,but because you are the ones that are paying me I have to give you new rib every year ,why? And your international phone number doesnt work ,thank you


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Bonjour Austfra,

Unfortunately, because of some safety and confidentiality issues, we can’t reach any of your information or file from this forum.

People who live abroad and receive incomes from the CPAM, have to complete an application form every year, at the same period, to prove that they are still alive.

Anyway, if you need some help regarding this request, you can contact the CPAM’s English speaking line.

Dial 0 811 36 36 46 (from France) or +33 811 36 36 46 (from abroad).

For your information : the international call prefix or dial out code shown as “+” has to be replaced by figures which are different from the country where you’re located.

You can find the list of these codes on the link below : https://www.indicatifs.fr/code-acces-international

You can also contact the French speaking line, dial 36 46.

If you want to make a complain I invite you to read the following page on ameli.fr : "Comment faire une réclamation ?"

Have a good day.