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Waiting for permanent social security number

I received my temporary social security number in April and was expecting to receive the permanent soon after. I contacted the English speaking phone number one week ago and was informed I didn’t receive a permanent number because something was missing from my file. They advised my local CPAM (Bordeaux) would be asked to contact me to advise what is missing from my file.

I haven’t heard anything back yet but I suspect it is because I didn’t send a translated copy of my birth certificate from English to French. Should I just send this to my CPAM by post with reference to my account? Or do I need to start the whole process again?


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Hello Cazzyp,

If you have called the English speaking line, your local CPAM will contact you back. Unfortunately, we do not know how long the processing time will be.

You will find the list of all the required documents on this response named "Register for health insurance".

If you wish to send your translated copy of your birth certificate, you have to add a cover letter with all your informations (social security number, name, firstname, address, phone number...).

Have a nice day.