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Travaillé son deuxième (temps partiel) pendant arrêt de travail travail

Hello everyone,
I had two jobs in Paris , one full time and the other 4hrs a day/5 days a week , in the month of February the doctor gave me one month “ arrêt maladie “.
since I was ignorant about the French system and I was my first time working ,I gave the documents only to my full time employee and continued with the 4hours job and still received my “indemnité journalière » for thé month of February  and later on resumed my full time job as we do in the USA
, after discussing about it with a friend he later told me what I did will have consequences
What can I do to solve the problem.
I need help please !!!!!!!!!!


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Hello Micky18,

When you have a sick leave, you have to respect some rules.

I invite you to read this article "Arrêt maladie : les démarches de l'assuré", available on the website ameli.fr.

I wish you a good day.