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When will I get my permanent certificate

I have provided all the necessary documents but have not received my permanent certificate. I have been waiting for over 4 months. I received the temporary certificate on the 24th of December 2018. Please help; I need it to obtain my vital card which is very important.

Thanks, I await your reply.


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Hello Maris,

A similar question has already been answered on this forum. I advise you to visit this topic regarding the immatriculation to the french health system.

You are covered with an active temporary social security number (which starts with 7 if you are a man and 8 if you are a woman). And you can receive medical treatment without a carte Vitale.

When you visit a health professional, the professional will give you a document called Feuille de soins. To claim for the refund, you have to complete and sign the Feuille de soins and then send it to your caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (CPAM).

You can find your CPAM's address on our website ameli.fr, in "Adresses et Contacts".

Have a good day.