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Foreign students: do I need supplementary health insurance coverage on top of my French social security membership?

You are a foreign student in France and have joined the French social security system. Wondering whether you need supplementary health care coverage (“mutuelle”)? Answers below.

To top up the reimbursements you receive from the French Social Security system, you may choose to take out supplementary health care insurance.

There are a number of mutual funds (“mutuelles”) and private insurance companies that offer a range of contracts with different levels of coverage. When choosing your supplementary insurance provider, we advise you to find out as much as possible, in particular by checking out their websites.

Additionally, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you may awarded supplementary health care coverage that is entirely free of charge: universal supplementary health care coverage (“couverture maladie universelle complémentaire”/ CMU-C). Otherwise, if you meet the income requirement, you may be eligible for supplementary health care coverage affordability aid (“aide au paiement d’une complémentaire santé”/ ACS).

To learn more, please refer to our article entitled “Student: your medical expenditure coverage

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