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30 years old student need insurance, social security

i came to france for pursue post graduation. I'm 30 years old my college staff told me to apply CPMA. i tried to contact CPMA du val des marne but as these are early days in france its really hard to speak and understand french with them can you help me out.
1)Is a there any procedure to apply online?
2)how to apply for general insurance student above thirty.if yes, can you tell me the procedure. what are the documents do i need to submit.
3)Are there any fees to apply for general insurance for student who is above 30 years?
4)If i apply general insurance will i get social security no also?



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Good morning,

I advise you to contact CPAM's english speaking line. You'll find more information on the following topic : "How to contact your CPAM?".

Depending upon you situation, the advisor will be able to help you and explain the right way to apply for you health cover.

Have a nice day.

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